Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic we have now started our events again within selected locations.

In order to ensure the safety of all, our team and guests are now required to wear face coverings 

We work very closely with all of our venues as well as keeping up to date on all relevant Government guidelines to ensure the safety of all attending the event. We also will require you to participate with the NHS Track and Trace and respectfully ask you to adhere to all guidelines set out on the evening.

If you or anyone you have come into contact have been in contact with or show symptoms of Covid-19 

you must not attend the event you booked on and seek further advice from the Government website.

We strictly offer a no cancellations/refund policy however if one of our events is postponed 

due to no fault of your own a transfer to an alternative event will be given.

From all at Beyond This World Events we thank you for your continued support through these difficult times.



Paranormal and ghost hunting events

Welcome to Beyond this world.

We offer unique paranormal and ghost hunting experiences throughout the UK at some of the UK's  most haunted locations.

Come and join our team of paranormal detectives and psychic mediums to help us investigate and capture evidence of those beyond this world.

We use many different types of methods from electrical to traditional such as k2s, spirit boxes, ouija boards, table tipping,dowsing,glass work plus much more to try and capture evidence.

Our team of Psychic mediums and paranormal investigators travel throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and the East Midlands to some of the UKs top ghost hunting and haunted locations.

Specialising in ghost hunts,ghost tours, psychic suppers, over night ghost hunts, ghost walks plus much more.

We would love you to get in touch and come along to help us on our journey to validate life beyond this world.

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Dark Fortress


Join the Beyond this world team to help them in their journey to validate there is life beyond this world.

We are introducing new venues each and every week.

We have many ghost hunts and paranormal investigations throughout the year. We hope to visit you and share the experience of visiting one of the East midlands most haunted locations.

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Quorn, UK

+44 7969912862 

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Beyond this world was founded by spiritual medium Julia.
Julia has been a medium for over the past 12 years hosting psychic events, private mediumship readings,co hosted paranormal events as well as running her own spiritual circle. Julia's  passion is all things to do with the spirit world and the afterlife. Julia is clairvoyant and clairaudient and loves nothing more than to bring validated evidence to show there is more to beyond this world.. 

Joining the team in September 2019 is Jeff, Ali and Josh

. Jeff has been a paranormal investigator for almost 10 years. He has travelled the country in his pursuit to find evidence from the beyond. Jeff has built a very impressive kit of equipment many of which he has built himself including the SLS camera which has picked up a huge amount of evidence. Jeff is sensitive to spirit and is now focusing on developing this further along with exploring physical mediumship to which he seems to have a natural born ability. As one of our lead investigators Jeff is an integral part of the team.

Alison has an absolute passion for investigations just like Jeff. Alison has built up a much needed knowledge into the paranormal and investigation side of ghost hunting. Alison is an absolute asset to the team.

Josh is very much intouch with his spiritual side and has a keen interest in the dark side of the paranormal world making him such an important member when it comes to dealing with this side of things. Josh is just starting to develop his psychic skills and is showing potential of being a wonderful clairsentient. He also believes that he may be gifted with some form of retrocognition. Josh is also in control of the production and computing side of things creating all of our logo's,videos and even leaflets.

Josh is an amazing asset to the team and we are so glad to be working with him.

Over the next events we will be having other experienced investigators and mediums joining us as special guest members who all have their own talent and abilities which we cannot wait to see develop whilst working along side them. 


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