Spiritual Cleansing             service

With over 12 years of experience in dealing with the more challenging and a little darker side of spiritual energy. If you are looking for help with banishing the negative energy and entities from yourself or your home then look no further we can help you with that.

So what is negative energy and what does it feel like?

Negative energy is a heavy and dense feeling. It can make a person become tired, emotional, angry, withdrawn plus many other things.

Negative entities are parasites from the lower dimensions. They can feed off our energy making ourselves and our homes a very dark and frightful place to be.

Energies and entities can latch onto a person,place or object and can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Our Team from Beyond this World can come to your property and investigate what energies lie inside and our Spiritual Medium Julia along with her team can connect to these energies/spirits cleanse and bless the house ridding these energies from your home.

Prices are as follows.

Spiritual Cleanse Only £100.00

Spiritual Cleanse only (commercial property) £130.00

Investigation and spiritual cleansing £200.00

Investigation and spiritual cleansing (commercial property) £250.00

Please note the spiritual cleansing will be undertaken by two experienced mediums with over 30 years plus in this field of work.

The investigation and spiritual cleanse will be undertaken by our team of experienced mediums and paranormal investigators again with years of experience in this field of work.

*If travelling over 15 mile radius from where we are based in Loughborough,Leicestershire then an additional 15.00 will be charged for a fuel expenses payment.

Our session usually takes around 1-2 hours and if the investigation is also involved the session will last around 2-3 hours.

For more information do contact us via email or call our medium Julia on 07969912862 

Please note we do ask for a 25% non refundable deposit on successful booking. This can be made via paypal or bank transfer. The remainder of the balance will become due on date of booking.

Please see our t&c for more information on our spiritual cleansing service.

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